What Not to Say or Do During Your Job Interview

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Finding a job in today’s economy is difficult, but what is even harder is submitting to a job interview. Interviews can be a nerve wrecking experience. Most people have never been on a job interview and they are clueless as to what to say or how to act.

The kinds of jobs available now are banking jobs and sales manager jobs. Most of these are found through recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies are other words for temporary employment agencies. These companies place employees in jobs they are qualified to perform. For instance, a person with managerial marketing skills could easily land a job as a marketing manager.

The quickest place to find a job is on the internet. Many business owners are searching for individuals with specialized skills. However, some employers prefer to interview their applicants in person. There are some things that applicants should not say during a job interview. Employees are judged on their attitude, their behaviors and how they respond to certain questions. Here is a list of what not to say during a job interview:

• Do not say anything negative about the last employer. Even if he or she was a total jerk. Employers may see this type of behavior has being disgruntled or disloyal. Presenting a positive image is important.

• Do not interrupt the person doing the interview. This is very annoying. Allow the interviewer an opportunity to complete their statement or comment and then provide a response if asked to do so.

• Do not chew gum or bring any food to the interview. This is very rude and unprofessional behavior. Most interviewers will offer their candidate a cup of coffee or a soda, depending on what time of day it is. Eat breakfast before leaving home and please avoid chewing gum and trying to talk.

• Turn off the cellphone prior to entering the building. The most embarrassing moment for a job candidate is to have the cell phone start ringing in the middle of the interview. This can be a real turn off and can give the employer a bad impression. First impressions are lasting impressions. Instead set it to vibrate and if an emergency call must be made ask to be excused and step outside or go to the restroom.

• Do not forget to take the CV or resume. Take more than one copy and leave it with the interviewer. Attach a nice cover letter if appropriate.

• Do not use inappropriate language. This is the worst way to end an interview without getting started. Use proper English and never use body parts such as the hands to talk or make a point. Instead use effective words and give eye to eye contact. The same conversation that friends have when they are hanging out and having fun have no place in an interview.

• Do not come off as being invincible or with no weaknesses. Everyone has an area in their life or job that they need to improve upon. No one wants to hire a super being that do not need anyone else. Person with no weaknesses are considered to be perfectionist, meaning they are not capable of making any mistakes. This type of attitude will not set well with employers. Jobs require effort but most of all Team Work.


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What Not to Say or Do During Your Job Interview

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This article was published on 2012/08/17