Top Job Hunting Technique - Seek The Help Of 5 Warm Contact Groups

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What are warm contacts? These are people you would seek help from when seeking a job. It's these people who could have information behind current job openings, soon to be opening and other business tips.

So who exactly would qualify as a warm contact list. Warm contacts list are broken up into five categories. The list should be ranked in the matter of importance to least talked to. Who would be the first group of people you would go to when looking for a job?

Group #1 - Family and friends

Families are bound to help each other out in every situation. They can either provide you with the information themselves or refer you to someone who would know more. If they do need to refer you to someone else, it's sure to be someone they find trustworthy.

Group #2 - Church members, political parties, socialite clubs or a school club

Those who share your beliefs/faith in church may also provide help in obtaining a job. This is even true for those who have a different career path than your own. Remember that everyone knows somebody. These parishioners may know someone who works in your field who can tell them what is available or not.

Group #3 - Salespeople

People often overlook the most obvious. Just because a relationship with a salesperson is done on a trading of goods and services and then the exchange of money. However, even poeple with your money eventually have a good supply of information when they are networking.
These are people who come into contact with numerous of others who work in a variety of positions. Since they may have overheard conversations, it would be wise to talk with them about it.
Never forget that when they help you, they often help themselves. As long as you are happy, they know they can expect your business as a stable. They also know that if you have an income or higher paying job, the more you are willing t spend as well. This is called purchasing power.

Group #4 - Colleagues, former employers and co-workers

It's best to maintain an inviting relationship with past employers and co-workers who can give you more benefits than others. This is often why people try to rectify problems with their employer even if they no longer in association. Former employers not only give recommendations when "potential" employers call for references but they have vast amounts of knowledge related to their field.

It's likely that when friends and family are asked about potential prospects, they are pulling the information from other sources. It may not be first hand information that you get or even detailed information about the field you were in or want to go into.

Group #5 - Professional Organization members

Sometimes members of a professional organizations, especially if you are a member, can help locate or give you information about job openings. Organizations can give you details on company's profiles and the market trends. If you aren't in one of these groups, it could be beneficial to join one.

These five groups are most important and it's wise to contact them all when you are searching for a job. If you tell them you are currently looking, they tend to keep their eyes and ears open wider for any prospects.

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Top Job Hunting Technique - Seek The Help Of 5 Warm Contact Groups

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This article was published on 2008/12/30