The Future of Jobs and Hiring Technology

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The state of the American Job has been drastically fluctuating over the past few years.  As the economy took a dive towards the gutters, the job market also took a pretty hard hit.  Recently, however, things are looking a little brighter as the economy and job forecast appear to be picking up (albeit slower than we'd all like).

Every few months we're hearing that companies are hiring again:  Detroit's big three appear to be kicking back into gear, Silicon Valley tech businesses are thriving, and overall we appear to be heading back into the positive for job creation and growth.  Although it's great to have an optimistic outlook after so many months of gloom, we can't keep our heads in the clouds.  We need to continue to look to the future in order to ensure that our economy and job forecast stays positive.

I'd like to list several trends and predictions on the future of the US job market that could be beneficial for the country to stay on track:

- Green Jobs (Obviously):  This one is a no-brainer.  China is already well on its way to becoming a green-technology superpower, and we need to follow suit to compete.  The US has some of the best universities and research facilities in the world in order to catalyze the technologies necessary to build a strong green sector.  On top of that, we have the resources to convert our oil consuming populous into a lean-green-burning machine.  The first step to green-success is the job sector; small and big businesses both need to start thinking about the long tail by hiring the best eco-talent available.

- A New Space Race: Not that the cold war was a good thing, but it did produce some great technology.  The Space Race between the US and Russia progressed not only space-shuttle technology, but a number of other technologies as a byproduct of the massive amount of research and dollars thrown towards competition.  Government and private sectors need to both start thinking of ‘a new space race' in order to keep the competitive edge in the jobs market.  This means aggressively training and hiring talent that is on par with a number of burgeoning fields on a global level; including web tech, clean tech, privatized space, and nanotech among others.

- Hiring Technology: Although creating more jobs is obviously a good thing, finding the right jobs is nearly as effective.  Across the country, there are talented people that aren't working in the jobs that best suit them.   Someone that loves their job is bound to perform far better than someone who is just hanging in there.It isn't necessarily an individual's fault for landing an imperfect job.   There could be a number of reasons that a person stays at the wrong job, from simple economic factors to problems with our education system.One of the keys to our country's future job forecast and competitive success is directly correlated to an average company's ability to find the best suited talent (and conversely for an individual to find the best suited company). The future of hiring technology is promising: modern day software currently allows companies of any size to create custom careers pages, track promising talent and collaborate within various departments with the goal of landing the best hires available.  Hopefully hiring software companies will continue to evolve and improve this process, which will certainly help improve our economy.

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The Future of Jobs and Hiring Technology

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This article was published on 2010/12/11