The Availability Of Jobs In South Africa

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The official unemployment number in South Africa is currently 23% of the people, i.e. about 12 million individuals. It's typically acknowledged that this number could be higher, also taking into account the sheer numbers of illegal emigrants in the country, the vast majority of which are unemployed. Consequently the employable population surpasses the availability of jobs. The South African financial system, like the rest of the world, continues to be to be slow-moving and struggling to produce adequate jobs in South Africa. As Europe is the primary trading partner of South Africa, the present and past European economic crisis with Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland on the forefront, has cost the South African economy many jobs into the bargain, as European exports dwindled.

Having said that, there are obtainable jobs in South Africa. The problem with these jobs is twofold: to begin with there are too many people pursuing the accessible jobs, and second of all most job seekers don't have the qualifications or abilities to be hired in such jobs. Because of this the jobs available are fiercely competed for by an under supply of appropriate prospects and an oversupply of individuals for other jobs. Universities, colleges and other institutions are also churning out individuals with the expectation of work, but the improper qualifications. Hordes of students are registering for the 'soft' degrees and not nearly enough for the sciences and numerical degrees urgently needed by the job market.

This is really not an environment in which to lose your work, because if you lost your job for legitimate factors the possibility of re-employment is quite lean with the levels of competition and scarcity of jobs in some areas of the financial system. So, the message to those that enjoy work is simple: protect and keep your work or face a possibility of being out of work. Those that are trained as actuaries, technical engineers, architects, researchers, doctors , chartered accountants and various professions will find work even as recently certified people as there is a huge shortage in such abilities with relatively few individuals rivalling for work in that environment. Many other possible jobs in South Africa including the legal profession and the training profession battle to get work not merely because of competition but also due in some instances to an oversupply as showed above. Never before has the possession of outstanding skills and experience been such an issue in job retention, let alone job seeking as now. Should you be gainfully employed you should not sit back and expect to keep your job at your current level of qualifications and skill sets. You have to actively boost your value to your employer, or another individual will stand in the queue, desiring and getting your job.

Finding and keeping jobs in South Africa, today, mandates that you are fully mindful of the world around you and the local state of the overall economy as well as that of your employer or would be employer. You should be alert of those issues that have an influence in job retention with your employer and merely put yourself in a position where your boss can't do without your abilities and experience in producing earnings for the investors.


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The Availability Of Jobs In South Africa

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The Availability Of Jobs In South Africa

This article was published on 2012/05/28