Recruitment Firms- Making Sure Appropriate Person gets in the Right Job!

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If economists are to be believed, the job scenario in London is on improvement and is expected to remain in the same mode until a bad economic in. The picture painted to the fresh college graduates and to those looking for a fresh change, is buoyant and full of promises. However, this makes the job of employment agencies in London a little more challenging. Positive mood of the job market transfer the same sentiments to the job seekers resulting in the flood of resumes for any vacancy. This is when the patience and skills of human resource personnel gets tested.

For the starters, recruiters can develop some primary yardsticks like:

• Those who have never been able to perform on the required aspects
• Those that have been able to perform but need extra guidance or direction
• Those who perform but still are average. With a little coaching they would be good
• Performance is quite good with minimal supervision need
• A consistently solid performer, both quality and quantity-wise
• Excellent on every parameter

Defining such criteria with a flexibility of adjustments, would be a great start to sift the job applications. Emotional biases, skill versus performance, and many other aspects play while deciding on a candidate. Then, what hold very important is reviewing the decision made in terms of candidate finally selected, especially in the case of headhunting agencies or specifically professionals. It could be done by pondering over the following, step-wise:

Good person

A consistent performer of past, who had been doing tasks rather well, is given bigger projects, larger responsibilities and being recognised for a work well done. He is certainly a good person for the job he is hired.

Right fit

Underperformance could also result from a right person in the wrong fit. A recruiter should thus focuses on bringing in the right match for any vacancy before the things spirals toward a wrong end for both company and the new-hire.

Perfect Managerial Match

Dissatisfaction in the work place generally originates when the hired person is (performing job duties right) in reporting a wrong manager as his boss. This ultimately leads to demotivation, dissatisfaction and finally underperformance. By judging how a boss trains his subordinates, HR professional can match the new hires abilities with him.

Company Culture

With all the above aspects in perfect match, the last thing that can put a new hire off in the company culture as a whole. How decisions are taken, how degree of complexities affects, etc, are the major issues remaining unanswered or under-assessed with respect to new-hire.

Recruitment agencies in UK are trying to inculcate these steps to make the best of the jovial job market. A great time indeed!

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Recruitment Firms- Making Sure Appropriate Person gets in the Right Job!

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Recruitment Firms- Making Sure Appropriate Person gets in the Right Job!

This article was published on 2013/03/19