Job Agencies and Their Impact on the Job Market

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Why Job Agencies?

With today’s ever changing economic climate and uncertainty in many industries, there is no guarantee that anyone will be able to stay employed in their field of work no matter how secure it may seem. More and more businesses are having to make tough choices and cuts in order to keep up with these changes and prevent unnecessary expenditures. As a result the average worker could find himself unemployed at any time and this is where employment agencies come in.

The Purpose of Job Agencies

These facilities, sometimes referred to as staffing agencies, assist unemployed workers in finding a job in their local area and help bring together business owners or managers with these potential employees. By providing a platform to find work faster, they help ensure that people who have recently been laid off can get back to work quickly. While people can also search for work in their local newspaper, the listings there may only have a small number of jobs postings compared to the actual number available. Online job search sites may have more listings, but sometimes the information is outdated and the position may no longer exist. Job agencies will tend to have more postings in their directory and will usually ensure those listings are up to date.

Additional Job Agency Services

Besides having listings, these agencies may provide additional services or tips to help equip or better prepare a potential worker for an upcoming job interview. If a worker is expecting only a short term lay off, they may be able to provide him with some temporary or on-call work until his employment resumes. In some cases the agency may even provide tests for certain jobs that require a special skills set in order to qualify for the position. They could also provide assistance in creating a resume for those who do not have one yet.

The Impact of Social Media Marketing

With the advancement of social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, or Google+, these social media tools could provide more exposure for these agencies to be found in their local area. Having Facebook pages and twitter accounts gives businesses and individuals fast and reliable means to keep their followers up to date with new events and activities. In today’s world, people will tend to stay more up to date with tweets and Facebook postings than they will with email updates. Having features or apps built into the website of a job agency could speed up the application process depending on the amount of information they would have access to in the applicant's account. It could provide employers and business representatives the opportunity to work directly with the agency to help promote their open positions by allowing them to showcase their job on a social media page. Moreover, it could also help employers by carrying an image of their company in a more personal and friendly light to people who are considering taking the position offered.

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Job Agencies and Their Impact on the Job Market

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Job Agencies and Their Impact on the Job Market

This article was published on 2013/06/07