How To Write A Job Winning Resume

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It is not un-common to see many people asking the question, why even after being perfect for the job, their resume never gets selected.

You can easily go through many job forums with posts like:

Why do I not get a call, even after sending my resume to 100s of job postings?

Why did I not get a call even after fulfilling all the requisite criteria for the job?

Or why do the companies never call me back even when I am more qualified for what they asked and can be more than a perfect fit for the job?

There has been time when I have had some same issues during my career start but that all changed once I figured out how to ace any interview of which the first step is to write a killer resume, so that rather than it getting tossed in the bin, it is shortlisted and I get a call back.

So here are a few points that I have followed over time and have almost always got a call back, and they can surely help you too in getting that call you have been waiting for.

  1. Most recruiters spend about 60 seconds looking at a resume before scrolling down to the next. So, if you want your resume to stay on their desk longer you must ensure that:


  • The objective that you write in your resume should be a 99% match to the job requirement
  • Ensure that you write about your previous experience to the job in a reverse chronological order which means that you most recent experience goes FIRST!


  1. If you want your resume to receive more time on the recruiter’s desk, keep it short! 2 pages maximum. Because your recruiters might get 100s of resumes for the job you have applied, and expecting them to go through each resume in full would be wishful thinking at the best.

    Just think about it yourself, if you went to a restaurant and the waiter gave you a 25 page menu with multiple cuisines they serve, would you not wonder what they are good at, because they have not presented their specialty to you. Would you not doubt if this is the right place to eat?
    Similarly, when you list everything in your resume and do not mention your strengths related to that particular job, the recruiter would be as much interested in you as you would have been in eating at that restaurant.

    So make sure to keep it short and precise, to the job requirement.
  2. Let your resume tell your work story in a simple, coherent way.

    This means that you list work experience and places worked, dates worked and your title of each position, starting with the last job held and then moving down to previous jobs in a descending manner, with each job having 5 key responsibilities for that particular job only.

    This will give the interviewer a clear understanding of your latest experience and the strengths you have developed over time and how you have grown from one role to another.


I hope you will put this wisdom to good use!

Always keep in mind that the goal of your resume is to get you an interview. The only thing a client can determine prior to your interview is whether you have the right experience. If your resume proves that you can do the job, you will get the interview.

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Best of Luck for your next Interview!

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How To Write A Job Winning Resume

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This article was published on 2013/07/04