How Recruitment Agencies Work For Candidates

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Any person looking for a new job may find it difficult at the moment given the current UK economic issues, however many more people tend not to take the responsibility so much these days. Most candidates will approach a specific or specialised recruitment agency that will make the task of searching for a job easier. They will begin by taking a look at the candidates CV and match them up with their clients placing them in their employment. Normally agencies would do this having pre-established a client portfolio and negotiated a fee with them. They will then take this fee from the candidates pay cut. Normally the candidate will not know that this is being taken out and will receive a substantial amount in their salary.

Whether the recruitment agency is online or has its own branch, they all pretty work to the same objective and that is to find candidates a job as quickly as they possibly can. Most candidates that are place on permanent fulltime pay will charge the client around 10% or the salary, however those placed on temporary jobs the client will be charged extra on top of the hourly rate and the agency will pay the candidate themselves. Candidates will expect to receive their pay on a weekly basis.

A good way of getting the best out of any recruitment agency, whether it is one that specializes in travel employment, IT or teaching is to not limit yourself too much on the areas that you would like to work in unless you are specifically qualified in that field. By limiting your searches you will find that it will take longer for you to find a good enough job and given the circumstances one can lose track of their own finances whilst waiting.

One thing you should do is revamp your CV so that it is tailored to the kind of job you are looking for. An example could be you looking for private tuition work to do for home students, therefore you should tweak your CV enough to show your teaching experiences, private tuition history and references from recent employers. The same applies to cover letters where you can talk about your previous employment experience as well talk about what you can provide as a private tutor.

The above is just an example of what most agencies will look for, because many of their candidates will be specific to what they are looking for. The next thing to remember is to always prepare for any interviews that the agents set up for you. For this you will need to have researched the company, the position and their history. The best thing to do is to consult with the recruitment worker and gain as much advice as you can so to be successful in the interview.

How soon you find a job is entirely dependent on the demands for those particular positions you are looking for at that time in question. However, many of the agents will advise you accordingly of how successful they feel you would be in obtaining a job in this field.

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How Recruitment Agencies Work For Candidates

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This article was published on 2010/03/27