Hiring Telesales Staff - What to Look For

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The job market is tough at the moment for people looking for telesales jobs. Employers may find that, although the number of applicants can be daunting, the situation can actually be used to their advantage. With more people applying for telesales jobs, and more people willing to move for telesales jobs abroad, now is the time to advertise that job or those jobs you were considering.

The perfect candidates are looking for telesales jobs right now, the trouble is just sifting through the misspelt C.Vs to find them. These are some points to help you hire the right people for your telesales jobs, whether they are abroad or in the UK. Advertise in relevant places. Advertising for professionals alongside non-professional jobs on the official job centre website or in a newspaper may produce more responses, but many of these will be timewasters.

Consider advertising your telesales jobs through a specialist recruitment agency, who will show your position to a targeted suitable audience, saving you time. A good recruitment agency will find people to fill your telesales jobs for you, carrying out the screening process, further leaving you more time to get on with business. If you are advertising telesales jobs abroad the internet is the easiest way to reach a worldwide audience.

Telesales is an industry predominantly based on personality type. If you are personally looking through candidates’ C.Vs, or carrying out interviews, you’ll want to observe that they have the right attitude. Try to find someone positive and self-motivated with ambition. Good communicators who think like a business owner should fill the best telesales jobs. If interviewing, ask open questions like “sum up your relevant experience in 30 seconds”, which allows you to listen to their pitching style.

Marketing themselves in an interview isn’t too dissimilar to marketing a product or service over the phone.  When interviewing a candidate for telesales jobs they must have a clear voice, speaking fluently and at a good pace. They must speak happily and enthusiastically, and you should enjoy speaking to them, as you want potential customers to feel happy and at ease when your employees are making calls to them.

Previous experience. It sounds obvious but if you are lucky enough to have a decent response rate to a job advertisement then you may as well choose someone with relevant experience and references to back them up. Personality is much more important than experience, but it obviously this depends on how willing you are to give extensive training to someone who had very few telesales jobs.

The details. Find out the earliest date which they can start. This is particularly important to telesales jobs abroad, which may involve the candidate needing a visa, accommodation and time to set up a whole new life. If the telesales jobs are not abroad, encourage the interviewee to question their transport to work if they don’t drive, such as “have you found out about the public transport? Is it feasible for you?”.

You don’t want unprepared employees who will leave a short while later, once the commute becomes a harsh reality. Get it right first time. Even if you have to endure many interview stages or tests, it is best to make sure you have the right person for the job. Wasting your time training an unsuitable member of staff only leaves you in the same situation in a couple of month’s time when they leave, so it’s better to get it right sooner rather than later.
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Hiring Telesales Staff - What to Look For

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Hiring Telesales Staff - What to Look For

This article was published on 2012/01/07