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Mastering a second language gives you a wider choice of job opportunities. It is because an increasing number of companies and businesses are going global that there is now an increase in the demand for multi-lingual people.

People who are well versed in 2 or more languages find job opportunities in not only their native land, but in the land of the language they have learnt. So if you know Greek, and love the wonderful city of Greece, then the best way you can appreciate the beauty of the country and its language is through Greek speaking jobs.

A Greek job as a translator

The most popular Greek job opening available is a job as a translator or interpreter. Most people are of the impression that these jobs are the same, when they actually aren’t. Translators are required to translate documents and contracts in companies, government offices and even in military bases. Interpreters on the contrary, have to interpret whatever a person says in a meeting, in a speech or to customers.

Of these two Greek speaking jobs, working as an interpreter requires a better command of the Greek language, and dialects too. This is because the interpretations have to be given instantaneously, in the presence of other people, without any chance of doing any research or making references to ensure the interpretation is correct. In case of a translation, the Greek translator has enough time to do the translation in the comfort of their homes, using the help of dictionaries, the internet and other Greek references.

Greek jobs in tourism

Another interesting Greek job option is working as a tourist guide. There is an increasing number of foreigners heading to Greece to admire the history and beauty the city has to offer. So the country requires tourist guides to describe and explain the beauty of the city to these English speaking tourists. 

To work as a Greek tourist guide, you should not only be well versed with the Greek language, but should also know enough about the history and tourist attractions of the country to quench the thirst of inquisitive tourists.

High demand for nurses

Greece has a high demand for nurses. So if you are interested in these Greek jobs as a nurse, it is better to use the help of a professional job agency to get the job. There are also travel nurse agencies you can approach for help in finding the ideal Greek speaking job as a nurse in Greece.

These agencies and job agencies guide you through the process of getting this Greek job as a nurse. You will be offered the same salary and benefits offered by standard travel nursing guidelines, in addition to subsidized housing, paid vacations, signing bonuses and health insurance.

The agencies will also help you through the necessary visa and certifications that need to be completed for one to work as a Greek nurse. They will also work as an intermediary between your boss and you to help reach a contract that benefits the both of you.

So you see there is a wide option of Greek speaking jobs for you to choose from. All you need is a good command of the Greek language to land these Greek jobs, and attain fulfillment from the Greek job.


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Greek jobs

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This article was published on 2011/11/04