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Abu Dhabi, the capital, is one of the biggest metropolis and the second largest city of UAE. Abu Dhabi is the home to many financial institutions and even has many important banks. The people of city have adopted the cosmopolitan culture and have achieved a lot. The relatively high income of the citizens of Abu Dhabi has contributed a lot towards the development of the city. The architecture and the infrastructure of the city are highly advanced and are in accordance to the global standards. Due to all these developments, the density of jobs in Abu Dhabi is also growing. People searching for jobs in Gulf, can end their search by winning over a flourishing career opportunity in Abu Dhabi.

Being the capital of UAE, the city has many cultural, commercial and political organisations, which adds to its attribute of being a job friendly city for foreigners. Of all the other career fields, jobs in the finance sector, has been growing very fast in Abu Dhabi. The city has significant financial institutions like the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, head offices of many important companies and Multi National Companies. All the important companies and MNC's hire private agents or financial institutions to fulfil their finance jobs. To manage huge earnings of the people of Abu Dhabi and its investment require people, who are professionals in the field of finance which gives birth to more finance jobs in Abu Dhabi.

For the proper processing and development of a company or an organisation, its management requires finance professionals, who can handle the money well. There have always been the availability of petroleum and oil jobs in gulf, but because of the advancements, production of jobs in almost all fields is happening. People of Abu Dhabi are not well prepared to tackle these jobs, due to which, professionals from outside gulf, are invited to serve the advancements of the country. Banks and other financial institutions are very important for a common man also. Any developing country heading towards a metropolitan culture requires its financial institutions to be strong and dependable. Therefore, Abu Dhabi being the centre of development has the majority of finance jobs for well trained and highly skilled candidates.

Few of the finance jobs in Abu Dhabi, which can searched by a candidate, are:

• Jobs in banking

• Job as a finance Planner

• Job as an Investment manager

• Job as Insurance Agents

• Jobs as a Financial Analyst

• Jobs as a Mutual Fund Analyst

• Jobs as an Accounts Manager

• Job as a Claims Adjuster

• Job as an Auditor

There are jobs available at junior, middle, senior, all levels, giving opportunities to candidates from all backgrounds. The candidates are required to have good qualification and valid experience for the post applied. A large number of foreigners can be seen applying for the jobs in Gulf, because of the attractive remunerations paid by the companies. Especially, employees working in the finance sectors are paid really well, attracting more applicants from abroad.

The candidates looking for jobs in Gulf, can search through various mediums to find a job in their dream destination. Internet and newspapers are the two most important sources, which are highly trusted and frequently used by the job seekers. The increasing demand of workforce from financial sector of Abu Dhabi has lead to the set up many financial educational institutions in Gulf. This would help in the utilisation of young talent for the country itself. Therefore, for now and the times to come, the jobs for finance sector in Gulf is sure to grow and add more opportunities for generations to come.

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Finance jobs in Abu Dhabi

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This article was published on 2011/01/03