Attracting The Applicants - 4 Employee Recruitment Tips

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Here are four top tips to ensure you attract the right people for your business:

1) Job Description: be clear and detailed.
If you have a type of person in mind for the vacancy in your team, then you have to communicate this in your recruiting techniques. If youre giving the criteria to a recruitment company or listing them in an online ad, you have to know what you want before you can get what you want. If you need someone with a minimum amount of training, then specify it in your list. If you want someone who is outgoing and can cope with a social work environment then be sure to mention it in your ad. It is better to offer too much information than too little, that way you are more likely to narrow down the type of applicants you will get. A detailed and concise job description will ensure quality applicants over quantity.

2) Dont rely on one method of advertising.
If the role you are looking to fill requires that special applicant, then sometimes that means going out to find that person. By all means utilise job sites online, as that will give you a broad coverage and mass exposure, but dont forget about social networking sites such as LinkedIn. This kind of site will attract the attention of someone in the right industry, perhaps a specialist. There are also old-fashioned networking methods. Get out there and talk to people, you might be surprised how and where you find that special candidate.

3) Be inviting in your language and courteous.
Poor language, a dismissive, arrogant tone or bad manners is the quickest way to frighten off prospective job hunters. If they arent comfortable with your ad or your interview style, chances are they might not stick around to find out if they made it or not.
Using the right tone, words and body language is so important when trying to invite someone in to take a chance. Being understanding and courteous is the best way to compose yourself and your business when you are recruiting.
Keeping your applicants informed is another important rule when seeking new employees. Take the time to email or call regarding interviews and rejections.

4) Highlight your good points.
When you want the cream of the crop applying for your advertised position, then you need to communicate to them why they would want to leave their job and come and work for you. Point out whats great about the job, what it will do for their career and how they will benefit. List the great features your business has to offer. Perhaps your company encourages a healthy work/life balance, perhaps you have excellent child minding services or maybe the culture in your work place is worth moving for.

By following these tips you can ensure that you attract the right applicants for the role you are looking to fill.
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Attracting The Applicants - 4 Employee Recruitment Tips

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This article was published on 2010/11/11