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"In honor of fools, rebels, troublemakers ... in honor of those who see things differently, not bound by rules. I can summon, you may not agree with them, glorify or defame you, but the only thing you can not ignore is that they are the ones who change things.
They push the human race and evolution, while others considered them crazy, we see them as true geniuses, because they are crazy enough to think they can change the world are those who really change. "(Steve Jobs)
Recent death of Steve Jobs made us once again to talk about the greatness of a true leader is needed about how a society leadership models. Message to Steve Jobs for young graduates from Stanford is one that we will remain constantly in mind. <> Jobs told young people just beginning their adult life. What could be better, simpler, more encouraging for some young people are starting out? Lesson for the world of Steve Jobs is the courage to dare to follow your dreams and intuition.
I listened obsessively to Steve Jobs's speech last days and I could not help but cry with emotion and excitement in front of an example of humanity and wisdom. We all remember the courage, will and freedom with which he lived his life Steve Jobs. We all need role models like him to show us that there are reasons not to follow your heart, you should not let fear of embarrassment or fear of failure dominate you and that life can take another course if you identify and follow your mission. Looking around me and remembering my years of school and youth, I can not help but say that society in which I made rather urged me to resignation and predictability. Therefore, I strongly believe in the need for Romania to begin to educate children and young people in another spirit than that of humiliation and the inability.
<>, He urged the graduates Steve Jobs at Stanford. Students who can speak as Romans? For such a message be given in schools and our universities, we need to grow leaders like Jobs. We need people who inspire us, give us courage to be, above all, creative dreams. And we need something! We need new leaders of Romania to have a man like Jobs generosity to share with other dreams and aspirations.
For four years I founded a company they work for very young people. Most people I work with are up to 30 years or less over. What cultural trait is well done, desire for change, involvement, ability to act intelligently and critically and a desire to build here and now. They say that Steve Jobs is not important to be the richest man in the cemetery, but the matter go to sleep at night at peace with yourself. Are among those who have great confidence in new generation capacity to change things. Field in which we work gives the best signal change in the politics, economics, media, society and you can see the articulation of a new class of leaders in the business area that will give tone to other models in the future and the political arena. I would have liked to see the same trend and among the younger generation of politicians. With few exceptions, what we see in politics lately is just a reproduction unfortunate "models elders" young politicians being deprived of ferment change. Therefore, political leaders need to cultivate our faith and courage in us as a nation is more pressing than ever, lest we be like a high speed train with a locomotive designed for other times.
Back to Steve Jobs, do not forget that time is limited and we have no reason to let us stifle the voice of others opinions.
I dedicate this article to a leader whom I loved with all your being and that has ended too early mission on Earth. He believed in young people hungry and curious will make a difference in our society.

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About leadership

This article was published on 2012/02/14