8 Tips on Dealing With a Job You Hate!

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"I HATE THIS JOB," is an ageless statement that's grumbled at almost every company that has employees. If your job makes you unhappy it's ok to search for a new position. Of course you should never quit until you have something else lined up. After all, bills won't stop no matter how bad your job is. In these tough economic times a lot of us have been forced to take jobs we probably wouldn't if the economy were better. As a result some of us have to endure some fairly tough situations. So try to hang in there until something better comes along.

Its not impossible here are 8 tips to make the transition a little easier.

1. Start To Look For A New Position. You can always start to look for a new job even if your quite a while away from switching. Searching for a new job will make you feel better and less trapped with your current position. Be careful with searching while at work, don't give your boss any other reason to ride your back!

2. Deal With Criticism Head On. If your boss is making your job impossible figure out whats causing it and fix it. For example, If the boss is on you for being late, do whatever you have to do to be 15 minutes early each day.

3. Stop Complaining. When you hate your job its easy to complain about it. But complaining only makes you feel worse and can be dangerous if what you say is overheard by someone trying to move up in the company. Complaining sometimes makes a person unbearable to others so instead of complaining just stop talking about work at all.

4. Keep Your Task Your Main Focus. Don't get caught up in workplace gossip and other factors that can bring you down, develop razor-sharp focus on your daily task. Give your all to focusing in on your job and you will have less time to be unhappy.

5. Don't Put Up With Inappropriate Treatment. The world is packed with plenty of "unprofessional professionals." If your being harassed or mistreated by a coworker or manager in any way, report the behavior to HR or your boss. If its discrimination or sexual harassment , seek the services of a lawyer.

6. Leave It At Work. No matter how bad your job is never take your workplace worries home with you. Try to find pleasure in your after work and weekend activities. If you let work stress follow you home your far less likely to hang on to that job until you find something new.

7. Pursue What You Love To Do. Most of us aren't lucky enough to be able to do this at work. However it is important to make sure we do activities we love outside of work. Try to work up the energy to pursue something we love on a nightly basis.

8. Review Your Goals. Do this to ensure you don't end up with the same type of job you hate. Ask yourself: What did I expect from this job that I'm not getting? Why did I take this current position? Did I Have realistic expectations? Would I be happy doing this job with another boss?

Having a job you hate will make you unhappy, but you don't have to be miserable forever. I truly hope these tips will help make your job a little less stressful while you search for a new position.

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8 Tips on Dealing With a Job You Hate!

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This article was published on 2010/04/02