5 Unhappiest Jobs in America in 2013

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While software quality assurance engineer, accountant and real estate agent are among the happiest jobs in America, there are some careers that make people less happy and dissatisfied with their work. They often feel stuck for a variety of reasons, including compensation, work-life balance, daily tasks, company culture, job resources, etc.

Following are 5 unhappiest professions in America. Let’s check out now.

1. Associate attorney

Average salary: $30,000

There are many factors that affect happiness on a job, including work environment, compensation, relationships with bosses and company culture, to name a few. Associate attorneys often work in a structured environment, which is heavily centered on billable hours. The rewards they get also lower than any other industry. With long work days and billable-hour pressures, it is apparent that this job is among the unhappiest careers in America.


2. Teacher

Average salary: $42,000

Teachers appear to be quite happy with their work as well as their colleagues. However, in fact, they are less happy with compensation and with their bosses. Teachers also dislike their company culture and are not too pleased with growth opportunities. That’s why teachers, along with associate attorneys, are also one of the unhappiest jobs in the country.


3. Registered nurse

Average salary: $53,000

It’s hard to believe that registered nurses are people who are most dissatisfied with their work. Compared to other jobs, the average salary of those who work in this position is higher. However, they are not happy with compensation and opportunities to be promoted, which counteract many of the good parts of their job. Company culture is also rated poorly among registered nurses.


4. Security officer

Average salary: $31,000

Another unhappy job in the United States is security officer. While working late hours alone at night is a factor that contributes to unhappiness, there are several reasons affecting the overall sentiment around this career. They include compensation and rewards. Plus, growth opportunities and job resources score relatively high. Work environment is another big negative that makes people in this position less happy with their work.


5. Customer service associate

Average salary: $30,000

Along with associate attorney, teacher, registered nurse and security officer, customer service associate is among the unhappiest jobs in America. For these people, company culture is a big negative. Plus, compensation is another factor that they are dissatisfied with.


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5 Unhappiest Jobs in America in 2013

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This article was published on 2013/12/30