10 Dirtiest Jobs on Planet Earth

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Today in this article, I am going to present the ten dirtiest jobs on planet earth. Those who loves to enjoy sitting on their comfortable chairs in their offices, in furnished rooms and air conditioned cabins, might have ever think of these jobs. It is because of the people who doing those jobs that our lives are ticking over. Let us have look on those men and women who do these dirtiest jobs in order to keep our lives ticking without any complexities.

Garbage Man

This is the man who picks up the trash and waste every week. A man with flimsy pair of gloves on his hand has to clear the old eggs and cat litter off of his hands. Certainly you don't want to do it ever in your life.

Sewer Cleaner

Have you ever got your sewage pipe clogged and tried to remove the clogging on your own? The answer might be "NO" in your case. You should thank sewer cleaners for this, who unclog the sewer to stop the sewage spew onto the street or your driveway.

Egg poo cleaner

Another dirty job is egg poo cleaner. It is really creepy, when it comes to clean the egg when chickens pop them out.


This might not that dirty but somehow it is. It feels really weird when you have to clean the dishes and scraping off the half eaten food off of plates in the hotels and restaurants. No one likes to do it, but a poor teenager has to do it to make the dishes available for new coming customers.

Cow Insemination

Many of you might have heard this for the first time, but it is a job. It looks quite strange but it is a scientific way to inseminate a cow artificially by using genetic engineering. Natural process of reproduction may take too long, so scientist for rapid reproduction process devises this method. Perhaps, you have got enough idea how they can do it.

Zoo Keeper:

Whenever you visit a zoo, you find animals and birds in clean cages. This doesn't mean that animals clean things on their own. It is zookeepers who clean up all the mess made by animals.


Roughneck is something related to oil rigs. It is really a tough job to work on roughnecks. Those who risk their lives just for the sake of proper working of hummer each day need special appreciation from you.

Concrete Truck Cleaner

Cleaning a concrete truck is another dirtiest job. You have to be quick in your actions as concrete dries rapidly. It is necessary to clean the truck after every job so that the remaining concrete would not dry. There is no easy way to achieve this.

Disaster Cleanup

Disaster cleanup is really a hectic job. Those who are involved in it have to indulge themselves in all sort of mess that has been left behind from Hurricanes or cyclones.

Waste water Treatment

Another dirty job is work at waste water treatment plant, where you have to mess up again the sewer water.

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10 Dirtiest Jobs on Planet Earth

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This article was published on 2010/10/18